Turkey is a market interesting more and more companies. And, thanks to globalization, many are those are sending expatriate and collaborators. The international Payroll simplifies the recruitment of an employee on the spot. Without creating a subsidiary. How does it work? What are the advantages of Payroll in Turkey?

What is Payroll?

This system allows professionals to develop their activity independently. While retaining the advantages of salaried work and benefiting from the classic social security cover of an employee. It is commonly used by trainers, consultants, experts or service providers. These entities wish to test their activity before embarking on entrepreneurship. This allows the employee to work from home without having to start a business. In some cases, the employee finds a job with one of his clients. For companies wishing to set up abroad, this is a boon. Payroll in Turkey allows employers to test the market cheaply without the need to hire a full-time employee.

How it works ?

The employee is lodged by a company of Payroll which signs a contract with this last and the customer of the employee. Thus, the employee owns his customers. He is not subordinated to his client, but to his Payroll company. The remuneration that the employee receives depends on the commercial negotiations he has employee out with the client. Then, as well as the costs retained by the Umbrella Company. The fees are transformed into salaries which include paid holidays, the precariousness bonus and traditional social security cover.

More and more employees are embarking on the adventure of Payroll in Turkey. If you are tempted, but you are hesitating between salary portage and self-employed status, we give you advice to help you make your choice (click here).

The advantages of Payroll in Turkey

  • Test your market without set-up a subsidiary

Payroll in Turkey makes life easier for companies wishing to have an employee there. The business goes through a local Payroll company which can itself recommend a qualified professional in the business sector. This company will therefore be the customer of the employee. The employee will work full time for the company. For customers, this turns out to be much less costly than setting up a subsidiary. And makes it possible to see if the employee’s position can be integrated later.

  • A single contact

Using a Payroll company in Turkey means that you only have to have a single contact to follow the employee.

  • No legal structure to create

In addition, it will not need to set-up a structure on site, and it is the Payroll company which takes care of all the administrative part. The company will only have to pay the equivalent of wages and taxes (information on taxes in Turkey). The carrier company declares the employee taking advantage of the standards in force in the employee’s country. This solution also saves accounting tasks. To find out more about the legal framework for Payroll, follow this link.

  • A network of experts

By using a Payroll company in Turkey, you can benefit from a network of experts on site who can advise you on the Turkish market and inform you about the risks and benefits of setting up there. In addition, the portage companies are also very familiar with the local job market. They are also a recruitment agency and are better able to identify the most interesting profiles. Supported employees thus benefit from greater credibility. You can have confidence in the recruitment of your employee. Larger companies already use this system to work with collaborators abroad.